Strange files when sharing pictures


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May 21, 2001
I need help finding out what some files are, and hopefully how to stop it. I know nothing of Apple products.

My girlfriend has a ~7 year old mac (upgraded to OS 10.2 I believe). Whenever she emails a picture to anyone else, the recipient gets two files. One file has the photo she wants, and the other file has just about the same name, but it is all gibberish. Now, she tried burning a CD and transferring the pictures to a USB drive with the same problem. They get written with double the number of files, half of which are small in size, have nearly the same name, and are full of gibberish that no program can open.

For example, she wants to give me these files:
1) Photo1.jpg (~200 kB)
2) Photo2.jpg (~400 kB)
3) Photo3.jpg (~1 MB)

What I get are these files:
1) Photo1.jpg (~200 kB)
1b) ._Photo1.jpg (~50 kB), unreadable
2) Photo2.jpg (~400 kB)
2b) ._Photo2.jpg (~50 kB), unreadable
3) Photo3.jpg (~1 MB)
3b) ._Photo3.jpg (~50 kB), unreadable

It is a problem since she wants to print these files at a store (from the CD), and they can't read them due to the gibberish files.

She usually uses Photoshop Elements to edit the files before hand. Are these Photoshop related files? And why does she only see one file on the Mac, but whenever she sends that file somewhere else two appear?

Also, only half of the programs on a PC can read half of her normal .jpg picture files. The Window's thumbnail reads it properly as well as Paint.NET, but Paint won't (it says "This is not a valid bitmap file, or its format is not currently supported) and neither will Window's Picture and Fax Viewer (it says "Drawing Failed"). Same with many other picture viewers, half can read her .jpg files and half can't. Is she saving the .jpg files improperly?

For example, photo2.jpg above may be read on all Windows programs, but photo1.jpg and photo3.jpg can only be read on half of them. All were edited in Photoshop Elements.


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Jun 3, 2004
Any file in OS X that starts with a period (or decimal point, . ) is invisible to the user, but still exists.
She could save all her photos in a folder and run a utility that removes them for Windows users.
WinFS Cleanser is one that will do the job.

As for the saving, I'm not sure. Has she tried "Save As" to see if there's an option to save for PC?
I know Photoshop has that option.