strange car problem, need opinions


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May 22, 2001
I have a auto starter on my car (a 2000 Pontiac Sunfire), the other day I leave work and go to start my car with the key. I turn it on and the radio displays the word locked, the anti theft light comes on and stays on, the digital odometer reads error, the gas and temp gauges do not move, and 4 lights on the dash light up. Check gauges, brake, theft device, and service soon. Also the daytime running lights only come on when the car was turned off. I take the car to the dealership where I bought it, and they say it is the fault of the auto starter. So I go back down to Best Buy (I know :| ), and the guy working in the Mobile Installation tries to say its not the starters fault, but the dealer is trying to pawn a problem off on them. I convince him to remove the starter then, so the dealer can see a problem is still there. After the starter is removed, the problem is gone, and the BB worker tells me I need to drive my car for at least 25 minutes for the problem to return as the error codes were reset with the disconnection of the battery. I think that a problem that severe whould show up right away. Anyway, the next day I go to the dealership, and he tells me that the car is working fine again.

So what I'm asking, do you guys think the problem is the starter, or do you think it came from the car itself? I don't know squat about cars, so I'm lost here.