Stolen $25,000 Diamond Found in Prison Shower Drain


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Apr 14, 2001
Stolen Diamond Found in Prison Shower
ORANGE, Calif. (March 9) - A $25,000 diamond was found stuck in a shower drain at the prison housing the man accused of stealing it two years ago. Bret Allen Langford, 39, allegedly asked the owner of a Jewelry Express store to show him a 2-carat colorless diamond in April 2005. Langford then grabbed the diamond and sped away, said sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino.

Langford was arrested shortly after but the diamond was never retrieved. Langford was charged with commercial burglary and after several transfers, eventually ended up at Theo Lacy Branch Jail in Orange where he awaited trial.

This week, an investigator representing Langford told jail officials to search the jailhouse drains if they wanted to find the diamond. Officials discovered the rock wedged in a screen beneath one of the facility's shower stalls and Langford finally told authorities what happened.

Since he stole the diamond, Langford apparently swallowed and regurgitated the rock each time he was transferred. But 14 months ago, just as Langford was about to be searched he threw the diamond into a shower stall and it fell down the drain.

Amormino suspects Langford came forward as part of a bargain he made with prosecutors. Farrah Emami, a spokeswoman for the Orange County district attorney's office, would not confirm such a deal.

Langford's trial is set to begin May 7 and the diamond is expected to be a featured piece of evidence.

Then it will be cleaned and returned to the store.


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Jun 15, 2005
Ha ha ha.....the diamond should have sliced up his interrior as payment for passage!


Jan 4, 2001
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lol sucks to be the girl that ends up getting that diamond
So they've got a to tell a car's history. Is there a

Swallowed and regurgitated by prison inmate?
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Given special chemical cleaning to enhance brilliance!