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Steam question regarding e-mail addresses


May 19, 2011
I bought my brother as a gift Kotor 1 & 2. Well, my wife went ahead and bought them without telling me, so while it has a plus side that my brother gets something physical as a present, it has a minus side in that the patched/enhanced versions are on Steam.

Unsurprisingly, I don't have access to my brother's e-mail account, however what I thought might work is this: I have my brother's laptop at the moment because I'm replacing the faulty hard drive. I could install Steam, set up a Steam account with an e-mail address I have access to, then when he receives the gift we switch the e-mail address linked to the account over to his so he has full access to the Steam account without any weird complications in future.

My question is this - does anyone here have any experience of switching the e-mail address linked to their Steam account and did it work more or less as one might expect?
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