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Steam games on Nuuvem

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Jan 23, 2007
Several times last year I saw Steam game deals posted from Nuuvem, so I registered an account there. I got some great deals on Lego games for the kids, plus a few for me. I think the average discount was about 2/3 off.

Occasionally, I would try to buy a game only to be told that it was not available in my region. I just installed a VPN which told it I was in Brazil, and no problems.

This week, though, I noticed that I can no longer check out at all. Everything goes smoothly until I log into Paypal. Right at the point where the purchase looks like it is going to go through, a red bar pops up at the top and tells me that the game is not available in my area. This even happens when I try to pay with an existing Paypal balance, and no credit card is involved.

Has Nuuvem been forced to install something that double checks where the Paypal payment is coming from? That would seem to be the case. I get email ads from Nuuvem telling me about the great deals I can buy, but now I'm annoyed to be locked out of buying games where I've been doing it for a year just because of a Paypal check.

I have purchased about a dozen games there on Nuuvem, and was counting on it for inexpensive Christmas gifts for my kids. Other than moving down there to Brazil, opening up a bank account and setting up a Paypal account linked to it, can any of you think of a workaround?


Wow! They figured out a way to stop you from circumventing their rules. Asking here for additional help to do so is not recommended.

From the Nuuvem site:
2.3.1 In the case of Games in which regional restrictions apply, User shall be guaranteed access to the game only in the country where the purchase was made, even though it may be possible to access this particular game in a country other than the one where the purchase was made.
2.3.2 If the restriction described in section 2.3.1 above applies, the use of any technological tool, such as, but not limited to, Proxy and VPN, is forbidden for accessing Games in a country other than the one in which the license was acquired by User.

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