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Status Audio OB-1/Somic MH463 vs Philips SHP9500S (Sub $100 Champions)


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Jan 3, 2017
So I'm deciding between these two headphones which have been touted as the best in the price point of below $100. Even with the 20% off sale Status has for their products, I want to know which would be the better buy based purely on sound. I mainly play "competitive" games such as CS:GO/Overwatch/R6, so positional accuracy/sound stage is important for me. In terms of other entertainment, I watch TV shows and listen to music, I'm not good at classifying what type of music this is but most of the type of songs I listen to can be found on SuicideSheep's YT channel. They have drops and vocals. If you have tried these headphones and have tried others around the same price that you think best these offerings, please drop me a link to them and let me know. Thanks! I also already have my own microphone.
Budget: $50-$100
What it's connecting to: $100+ motherboard, on board audio (gigabyte z97 gaming 5)
Isolation: Pretty quiet area, no one around me.
Headphones used at desk in open room.
Preference: Open Back, full sized
Tonal Balance: Neutral, overall balanced, punchiness is a bonus
Past headphones: Sennheiser HD 360 Pro, nothing much to like about them, uncomfortable, after half a year of use, the headband snapped in the middle, a little underwhelming for the price in terms of sound, does help me in hearing footsteps, it is closed back however.
Preferred Music: Music with vocals, drops, bass and good beat, SuicideSheep.
What I'd Like: Bass, don't care about too much, but nice bonus, better positional audio, better frequency range, want vocals to sound clearer.