StarCraft Video Lag with Vista/Nvidia


Jan 3, 2006
Hello all,

I recently and a new PC build with Windows Vista Home Prem. 64-bit Ed. Specs:

Gigabyte P35-DS3R MOBO
XFX 8800GT 512MB Alpha Dog Ed.
Intel Q6600
WD 7200RPM HD - 500GB

I still enjoy StarCraft more than any other game out, but I've noticed that it feels a bit sluggish with this new machine. (Crazy, I know. This thing can play Crysis on Very High Settings @ 1280x1024 at a playable framerate, but it's lagging on a 9 year old game.)

Another user is having the same issue as is posted on this message board:

Basically, if you've ever played online, it's not internet lag, it's more video lag, like if you had Winamp running in the background while playing on an older machine. It just feels sluggish. If your not an avid player, you probably would not notice the difference, but if you very familiar with the games online play, you will notice, and it affects gameplay.
Also the menus fade in and out as you make selected, from the initial splash screen, until the moment you are in an actual game. This includes the interface. For example you get to the login screen, input your username and password, hit OK and the screen fades out and fades in to the default channel screen. Then you hit 'Join' to search for a game and again the screen will fade out for half a second, then fade back in to show the list of games.
Also the 'lag bars' next to listed games or players don't display fully most of the time, you can only see the top 5% of the lag bar.

The thread mentioned above will go into his issue, and towards the end of page 2, I also posted my experience. It seems to be an issue with either the 8-series GeForce cards or with the newer Nvidia drivers. Anyone have any experience? No one seems to have found a solution yet, so I thought I would try here. Thanks in advance for any suggestions.


This is part of a post Skew made on Teamliquid's forums. The full thread is linked above. He's having the same issue:

OK, so to clear a few things up, this problem I'm having has nothing to do with processes running in the background (I disabled every non-crucial Vista service that exists -- many I had to re-nable just to restart properly). It also has nothing to do with compatibility mode or DEP (or any other security related feature). I also tried over 5 different driver types, all the way from the beta drivers back to the very first Vista drivers. None of this makes any difference.

Here's something odd that I realized though. After going into safe mode and loading up SC, the game actually runs perfect. With generic windows drivers. Uhhhh, without Nvidia drivers. Yea. . . .

So it's clearly a Nvidia driver problem. I can't think of ANYTHING else that it could be at this point. I tried it on my brother's machine too, (he has the same setup except for he has the ATI 2900XT) and it worked flawlessly.

There's kind of a problem with diagnosing it though because what I'm experiencing is so slight that 99% of people wouldn't notice it... so how can I expect a driver company to? They'd say it works fine and I'm crazy.

To re-explain the exact problem (in bnet first): when you switch screens... there is a very fast, but definite "fade to black" effect happening. For those of you running machines without this problem, the screen changing in SC is absolutely instant with maybe a super-fast flicker. If you're having the problem, it doesn't instantaneously change like that, it fades out first (like I said, it's fast, but it's definite). Then ingame, there is some weird... lag/glitch. It's very hard to notice if you haven't played SC forever, but it's there and it fucks the sensitivity of my mouse up (which is usually fucked anyways, so this is a big 181818a).