SSD's and WinXP/Win7/Linux all in one desktop

Discussion in 'Memory and Storage' started by Mars999, Nov 10, 2012.

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    What I am wondering is this...

    If I have my desktop and have Win7 on one SSD, WinXP on a second SSD, and Linux on a third SSD,

    what happens to the other SSD's that are setup under Win7? Meaning what about WinXP trying to mess with the file format(alignment?) or Linux even?

    What I am hoping for is I can run all three on separate drives, and boot into each OS, natively and have access the my 3 Win7 SSD drives if need be by Linux and WinXP....

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    you won't have access to Linux partitions from the windows. Windows does not read ext4. use windows 7 formatting to properly align XP and Win 7 partitions. Win 7 should do trim to XP partition.
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    Why do you need 3? You can quite easily tri-boot a system with a single SSD.

    To do it your way you will have to change the boot order every time you wish to boot a different OS and if you use UEFI/GPT that won't work.

    Regarding messing with alignment or anything, if you install one OS at a time and them remove the SSD, put in the next one and repeat the process then it won't mess with alignment or anything, but seriously one SSD for the 3 OS's and then storage SSD's would be a lot simpler.