Question SSD RAID1 with Intel Rapid Storage - caching method?

May 19, 2011
The drives are 2x Samsung 860 PROs (SATA). The machine will be acting as a server for a single proprietary app and I assume its main workload involves database transactions with a bit of Windows filesharing on the side (for files not stored in the db).

I was perusing the options in IRST for caching (the options are write through, read only and off. default is off). Admittedly when I started reading up I thought the 'write back' option was available but when writing this post I noticed it wasn't. The computer will be connected to a UPS.

My natural inclination was to believe that caching would improve performance, but since reading up I'm inclined to believe that for SSDs it does the opposite since the response times of SSDs are good enough to then need to factor in that the caching operation followed by a storage write operation might take longer than no caching at all (and presumably the SSDs will continue to do their own caching).


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