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Aug 22, 2001

Looks to be a fun read.
They basically confirm that in order to perform as well as the PS5 you need a CPU more powerful than it uses. Due to API overhead and not having the decompressor. But that it is also why it scales well on PC. Since it ran on Jaguar, and they even targeted Steam Deck for this port, which I think is really cool. E.G. The hair quality setting came from Steam Deck. If more target it for PC ports, then low budget gaming has a bright future.

Quoting a few excerpts with personal comentary -

"And in general, the game originally came from the PS4 right? The PS4 CPU cores were not so stellar and the PS5 and the PCs were far more powerful. With the PS5, that gap has certainly gotten smaller. And there's still quite a few things on the PC where there's more overhead, like the APIs have more overhead, we don't have the decompressor for example, we don't have hardware doing decompression for us as we're streaming in content - that gets left to the CPU. So we certainly have more CPU challenges to go around even when we're doing the same things. And then if we don't dial down things that are dialled down on the console, we now have even more work to do on the CPU.

So okay, so if you have a PS5 game that fully loads all the CPU cores, then yeah, PC CPUs that don't have the same core count, for example, or the same processing power, they'll be in a tricky spot, right? And they will have to rely on lower settings of scalability, as well. But I think that's important about PC, right, that we do have that scalability, we do offer all those options. And you can run it in a way that works well for your system, no matter what."

These Devs are my kind of people. They wanted to make this game run on the Phenom II. And they did work on old i7 Sandy Bridge optimization to some degree.

Michiel Rosa: I don't think we support the Phenom 2 this time.

Jurjen Katzman: That is quite possible.

Rebecca Fernandez: We gave it up, finally.

[everyone laughs]

Michiel Rosa: There was always a project of mine to make Phenom 2 work.


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Feb 8, 2002
DF did some fun hardware testing. Among it, that a12400 can't provide a locked 60 with max RT. Crazy stuff.

Watched this yesterday good video and I hope they do more as they continue to patch the game.

And thankfully I see better performance than he does with the 6800XT as I'm not pushing a 4k res 3440x1440 Ultrawide for the win!