speaker help


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Dec 29, 2004
i have logitech 5300e and a audiy 2 zs. im only getting sound out of the center and sub. any ideas why that maybe be i have installed everything and disabled the onboard sound


May 28, 2005
that's one reason I f'n hate surround systems. they don't guarantee you that it'll work. you gotta check wires and plugs one more time. otherwise you gotta stick with 2.1 and that will guarantee that the whole system works, this is what tech support will tell you anyway.

oh yeah, you got software settings, make sure it's 5.x - 7.x depending on ur speaker setup. Audi-crap 2 ZS (jk) offers differen't ports, make sure the right jacks have the right plugs if there are multiple plugs. Sometimes you have the digital plug and the speaker jacks that must be plugged into. read the whole manual to your speakers as well as Audigy readme stuff.

drivers too, update 'em.

quote: SB Live cards are more like BS Live cards. J/k (but seriously, no sound processors in them!? duh for the price, no.)