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Discussion in 'Audio/Video & Home Theater' started by cctaylor88, Nov 6, 2012.

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    Hey Im sure you know many of the speakers that come with the HDTVs are poor and my TV is no exception. I really want to get decent audio quality from my TV as I watch many movies etc on it. The major problem seems to be that my TV has no traditional "audio out" outputs (the RVCA red/white) Im pretty sure the sound bar I choose must have an optical input (as my TV has optical out for audio) I correct?
    I really dont want to spend over $100 as basically any sound bar will be a great improvement over my standard TV speakers...I would like any suggestions you guys may have. It seems that vizio has many cheap options in my price range...but I do notice a lot of their vizio vsb200 (the entry level bar) have a lot of refurbs on multiple websites. a subwoofer really worth the extra $$
    I will spend a bit over my price range if its worth the price..but like I said anything is better than what I have now. My TV is 42inch
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    the <100$ sound bars not all that much better than the TV speakers. What i do is use a set of 2.1 (2 speakers + Sub woofer) made for a computer. Not sure if they available with optical in your price range tho. Other wise they work great with a RCA to mini plug adaptor.