SOny x85x91jc thoughts


Mar 15, 2007
Had this delivered last month and have been testing it out. i would rate it 9.3 out of 10 with the brightness so bright that when a explosion occurs i feel the heat from the screen. I sat on the fence a while trying to choose a tv but decided its just 1000$ more then the x900 85" so why not :) . The one and only issue i have is im super picky about reflections and this tv isnt to great with that (i have to use double curtains) The TV also refuses to return to last opened app and always returns to the home screen. But its not a big deal being very snappy. I have yet to try any HDMI cables since i have been only using wifi and plex to stream and it looks amazing.

price was 3000 with 3 extra allstate year warranty and 2 years from Costco. It recently went down to 2800 so they refunded 220$. I wanted to buy it from greentoe for extra savings but ended up using costco incase needed to return (and turned out first one came SUper smashed and had to be redelivered)

If i had a 3000 series gfx card i would plug it in to test out some games but dont feel like trying with a 1080ti (no hdmi 2.1) if anyone wants to sell me their 3000 series so i can test some games lmk :p i would be excited to try need for speed black with a steering wheel siting infront the 85" might be cool.