Sony replacing handset cabling with a single copper wire


Nov 11, 2004

Sure, it's just boring ol' component news but you can guarantee that this advance will affect the appearance of Sony (and Sony Ericsson) products some time soon. Sony just announced the development of a "single wire interface technology" that replaces the 22 or so cables (used for power, control signals, audio, video, etc) typically found inside mobile devices (tucked away in the hinge or rotating parts) with a single copper wire capable of transmitting data at 940Mbps. That should translate into greater reliability while giving Sony's product teams more flexibility with their designs. Sony plans to "swiftly" implement the technology by licensing the IP to ROHM to help jointly develop the required silicon. More with less, as they say.

Very very cool and I hope more and more companies get in on this. Those damn ribbons always sucked and never seemed that robust.


Mar 27, 2009
This is for phones that have a sliding or flip-screen. A phone like the iPhone, Evo, or Droid X do not have screen that need to move separate from the body.

Oh I see your point. (Thanks for helping me with that).

Single wire for designs like this?


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Dec 7, 2006
Not sure what to make of this. I'm sure it is better, but how much better
I mean look at how nice of a job Apple does with cabling for iphone? (See step 5, picture is a good example)

im saying this strictly as a person that has replaced a few iTouch screens/ coomponents, not as a person that was trained in making membrane switches/ ribbon cables. the ribbons used in the iphone/ itouch are crap, you breathe on them wrong and they separate. i had to repair 2 of the ribbon cables i broke repairing broken digitizers, and i was being pretty careful when working with them. they have a great, compact design but it is pretty fragile, considering.

Single wire for designs like this?

ya, thats what it would really shine for. the cool thing is, once thhey get the single wire thing as a standard they can start branching it out with simple contact, which would allow the connection to be on that swivel in your link. all kinds of possibilities for that i think.