Sony laptop screen goes Dark


Mar 29, 2002
I have a Sony laptop VGNFZ160E. The monitor/lcd screen does not turn on when booting up. I can reboot this laptop a few times and it will finally work. The laptop is in other wise great shape. **Im curious if anyone can recommend something to try to fix this issue. And if parts are needed where to order.** I would hope to avoid a costly repair but it seems with laptops its hard to avoid this. I have taken apart Dell laptops so I have some knowledge of how things work in regards to the laptops, I just want to make sure if I buy something (lcd screen) to fix this that it is indeed the problem. I typically dont trust the on the side of the road PC repair shops and dont want to get taken advantage of.

Any advice would be very helpful!


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Jun 4, 2000
I'd honestly would just get a Sony Repair RMA and have them diagnose and quote you a price, they will usually send a sheet with the computer when they send it back (even if you choose not to repair) on what is wrong with the PC.. IIRC the old Vaio Zs are a bitch to take apart.