Info Sometimes, the most basic thing can be a cause of trouble

Torn Mind

Nov 25, 2012
Case in point, a power cord.

This cord is very old, but it hasn't been moved around much in 17 years. I think it moved four locations over the course of the that time. But anyway, it failed. How do I know? Multimeter showed 40 AC volts ground to neutral and 40 volts hot to neutral in its "bad" position. But bending it the "right way" got 125 volts back. I wasn't building a computer, I was power a power over ethernet switch. It kept cutting off intermittently and I couldn't access the attached POE cameras.

It is also interesting that somehow ground was receiving voltage with the failed cord.

I do vaguely recall one incident back in the mid-2000s on the computer powered by this cord. I push the close button on an XP app and the whole thing shut down. After I got into PC hardware, I chalked it up to just a lightweight PSU...but now I'm not sure if it was that PSU or the cord
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