Someone pls advise which motherboard I should get for a pretty high end build. Thx!


Jun 18, 2005
Any advise on what microAtx Motherboard, Cpu fan, and Case I should get?

Here are the parts that I plan to use:
- CPU - i7 2600k
- GPU - 2x (SLI) Evga GeForce GTX 580 Superclocked
- Memory - G.SKILL Sniper 8GB (2 x 4GB) 1600 F3-12800CL9D-8GBSR
- Hard Drive - Intel 510 120gb SSD & two 2tb drives (one drive mirroring the other)
- Power Supply - Seasonic X-Series 1050 (soon to be out)

Things I need:
- CPU cooler - ???
- Case - ???
- Motherboard - ???

I plan to wait for the Asus Maximus Gene IV motherboard. Are there any other boards I should consider? I will be mainly using this computer for games (Battlefield 3 and Diablo 3). Right now, I don't think I need to OC right now but I plan to OC after 3-4 years when games are more hardware demanding.

As far as case, I need it to be microatx because I will be traveling with it for medical school. So something compact that I can take on an airplane as a carry-on luggage (14" X 9" X 22"). Anyone have any experience with taking their microatx case on board an airplane?

Any help is very much appreciated! =p