Some thoughts on times ahead


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Jul 23, 2001
I was originally tempted to write this note immediately after the bombings in New York City, but something me held back... Perhaps it was the thought that we all needed more time to grieve. Or possibly it seemed that the gravity of this situation was far too great to be counterbalanced by one person's thoughts and hopes. Maybe it was simply borne out of personal insecurity.

Yet here I am, typing late during a night in which it appears 100% certain that war is imminent. An intuitive voice is telling me that what I have to say, while probably not profound, may nonetheless provide some hope or light to freedom-loving people confused by what is going on in this world. I know, at times, I am extremely befuddled by the nature of evil and how it manifests itself. Exactly why there are so many destructive forces within this universe like the Taliban or Usama Bin Laden, willing to inflict harm and misery, is a boggling matter for speculation. In fact, as best exemplified by its pervasiveness through media, a consistent focus on negativity and conflict often seem to be the keys to comprehending humanity, of understanding life itself.

But it isn't.

Instead, the great question should be happily considered every day when we wake up after having placed our faith in deep sleep. When we discover how many hours of the day are gratified through pleasure-filled moments and augmented by the presence of loved ones. When we notice just how often people engage in activities to help each other, rather than tear each other down. When we realize just how many assorted miracles have combined to shape life itself and this potentially perfect world we live in. No matter what your religion or beliefs, one thing must be acknowledged: Earth is a heaven. There is no way to fully know what awaits after our Earthly existence has ended, but that should not ever stop us from enjoying our lives as much as possible.

However, fear holds many in its grasp. If I can encourage all of you to do one thing, it is this:

Go forward now in the conquest of an ever-elusive enjoyment and fulfillment of life... in completing those activities that you?ve always dreamed of doing... in making each remaining moment special. Of course, we all have limitations with respect to time and money. Nonetheless, it takes relatively little to go for a walk in a beautiful park, to take your family on a drive to the beach or mountains, or to take the initiative in reuniting with a long-lost friend. Countless weekends await to be filled with anticipation and memories.

We can not let fear make us feel that our lives could be cut too short. By doing so, we would be committing a grave disservice to those who died this past week. There is no reason to fear death unless we have fully stifled our ability or our potential to experience life. A palpable fear of death is the only card terrorists have to play.

These terrorists, having lost any sense of perspective, fail to realize that all of Earth, not just a couple of cities in Saudi Arabia, is a holy land, to be appreciated and enjoyed with a constant sense of wonderment and elation. These terrorists, tumors on society, are so lost to the twin evils of narcissism and inflated self-importance that they have forgotten that the vast majority of humanity is kind and considerate. These terrorists, afraid to show their true colors, have so given themselves wholly to Satan that they use religion as an excuse to bring about needless suffering and destruction, thus tearing apart the fundamental understanding that is so sorely needed for our world to come together and consummate the progress of centuries. By their murderous actions and immoral perversions, they have lost what it is to be human. They are the exception, not the rule, and they must not be allowed to dictate how life on Earth is to be conducted.

Therefore, refuse to give in to fear! It is probable that we all will be touched by tragedy in the coming months, particularly when battles commence. Through it all, just remember... even though life is fleeting, it is full of beauty and wonder.. and it is also a gift, a miracle worth fighting to preserve for future generations.