Question Some of my "Sticky Notes" disappeared on me, after a Windows 10 Update. (2019-10 Cum. Update, and .Net FW Update)


Aug 25, 2001
What's going on? I lost a desktop icon a few days ago, and now two out of three sticky notes on my desktop are GONE! What's the idea MS? Randomly deleting my stuff?

Or is this a problem with AMD's RAID drivers? (You know, last time I tried AMD's RAID, I think that the same thing happened.)

Edit: The weird part is, they survived several freeze/crash shutdowns, including some recent attempts at re-doing my fixed 4.0Ghz OC on my Ryzen R5 3600. Yet, they don't survive a controlled reboot for updates? WHAT?

Edit: I was able to go through the Start Menu, mouse over Sticky Notes, and right-click, bring up "Notes list", and they were still in there, they just didn't display. I double-clicked on the missing notes, they re-appeared, but HUGE windows, not like the little petite sticky-note-sized windows. Weird again.