Some GDDR2 vs GDDR3 Questions

Dec 21, 2006
I have recently read that the 8600M GT I have ordered in the Sager NP2090 is equipped with GDDR2 instead of GDDR3 and clocked at 300Mhz instead of 700. I realize that the lower-specced GDDR2 won't clock as far as the GDDR3 will, but I was hoping to at least raise the GDDR2 clocks to a level where the card won't be memory bandwidth limited at native resolution (12x8). So, I guess I have quite a few questions:

1) What memory clocks/memory bandwidth should I shoot for in order to avoid bottlenecking the GPU at 12x8?

2) What are the speed ranges of GDDR2? (I realize that without knowledge if the exact chips in my card, it would be impossible to tell how far it can clock; I would just like to have an idea of how far GDDR2 can go)

3) Does overclocking the memory bandwidth increase temperature drastically? I was always of the opinion that overclocking memory does not increase temperatures by much compared to overclocking the GPU, but in a temperature-sensitive environment such as a laptop even a few degrees can be troublesome.

Also, can anyone else confirm/disprove this rumor? 300Mhz vs 700Mhz seems like a pretty drastic downclock...

Thanks in advance for any help.