Some flight attendants do still like their job

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Nov 1, 2001
Pillow fight at 20,000 feet :awe:

Flight attendant starts mid-air pillow fight

A flight attendant received a round of applause from passengers for taking part in a mass pillow fight at 20,000ft.

After a week of cabin crew making headlines for all the wrong reasons, this Lufthansa employee showed that some attendants still take pleasure in their work.

In footage captured on a passenger’s mobile phone, she is seen hurling pillows around the cabin after being bombarded by playful French tourists.

After one particularly heavy onslaught, the grinning stewardess flees to the safety of the galley, to the cheers and the applause of economy class.
Far from condemning the on-board horseplay, the airline paid tribute to the attendant for making the flight from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt more enjoyable for passengers.

A Lufthansa spokeswoman told AOL Travel News: "It's an example of passengers enjoying themselves in economy class. And it shows we still offer pillows to our passengers in economy class."

Earlier this week a flight attendant for US airline JetBlue appeared in court after deploying the emergency chute following a row with an abusive passenger.

Steven Slater, 39, launched a foul-mouthed tirade on the plane's PA system before deploying chute, grabbing a beer and jumping out on to the JFK Airport runway, shouting "That's it, I've had it."
He was later arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, criminal mischief and trespassing.
Feb 10, 2000
Unfortunately, in our litigious society, any flight attendant who threw a pillow at a passenger would be fired posthaste.


Jun 3, 2001
Unfortunately, in our litigious society, any flight attendant who threw a pillow at a passenger would be fired posthaste.

One of the pillows hit me. I'm suing for sexual harassment and racial profiling because I was specifically targeted. I also suffered grievous injuries to my face. The injury was so dramatic I was forced to quit my job and have since lived a life of solitude due to the emotional damage of my wounds.

I've since been bound to a wheelchair as it allows me to hide my face more effectively from the harsh stares of anyone I meet. This has denied me access to my own home to which I can no longer live.

I've lost my job, my house, and my emotional stability. I'm suing for $100 million.
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