Question [SOLVED] Which bios for Athlon 300GE on Asrock B450 Pro4?


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Jun 10, 2013
So I have an Athlon 300GE on an Asrock B450 Pro4 running as a home server. Everything works fine except one feature: it does not power on after a power outage, despite setting the bios option for it.
I'm thinking maybe it's a bug in the old bios it is running, so I'm looking at updating it.
The version it is running is 3.60 and I see that they don't recommend updating if Pinnacle, Raven or Summit Ridge is installed.
  • Mine is Picasso so I should be fine even with the latest bios, right?
  • Also I don't see any mandatory version to be flashed between 3.60 and L8.02, so I could go directly to the latest?
  • Any other advice you have for me? Anyone having this motherboard start up after an outage?