Software similar to MakeMKV but for MP4? (also deinterlacing?)


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Oct 28, 2006
I have a lot of DVDs and Blu-Rays I'd like to digitally archive. I've been using MakeMKV which I really like because it can rip the raw video tracks in MPEG-2 and I get a lot of control over what I want to save and don't need to, chapter by chapter in many cases depending on how the DVD was set up.

And because I rip in raw MPEG-2 it's very quick since there is zero transcoding, basically as fast as the drive can read is as quick as I can rip my media.

The problem with MakeMKV, though, is there isn't any option to have the output in a .MP4 container, and .MKV isn't the most compatible container out there.

I haven't found any solution to simply swap containers from .MKV to .MP4, which would actually save me a ton of time from having to rip everything all over again.

I also don't know of any software that is as easy to use and can rip all my media in its raw original quality MPEG-2 and just drop that into a .MP4 container, but I'm hoping something like this exists.

EDIT: I may have found an option to move from MKV to MP4 called "Kirara" but I have an additional question.

Since most of my DVD collection is old animated shows, a lot of them are stored interlaced. Some software does not have deinterlacing options, which makes the video look almost unwatchably bad. The Xbox One default media player, for example.

Can someone point me in the right direction on how to pre-process my video files so that they look as good as they do when I have the "deinterlacing" option toggled on in VLC without having to worry about whether other playback devices or software can handle deinterlacing in real-time?
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Aug 25, 2001
Ehh, er, HandBrake? Covert from MKV to MP4 H.265?


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Oct 28, 2006
I've toyed with Handbrake in the past, but I think I'd prefer to keep all the video in its original MPEG-2 since pretty much anything since the year 2000 can read MPEG-2, and file size isn't of much concern to me. I feel like for as much time and effort as I have to put into ripping all my discs it's best to do it in the most universally compatible method possible, and then in the future if I ever want smaller file sizes/streamability etc. I can transcode from these original MPEG-2 files later. But for now with the initial ripping process my goal is as close to original as possible and high compatibility.


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Oct 19, 2001
I have used DVDFab for years and it handles pretty much everything except for UHD which I use MakeMKV for.


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Aug 29, 2010
No, you won't find any solution for DVD.

MP4 doesn't support MPEG-2 as datastream, so you can't avoid transcoding. Deinterlacing also requires transcoding.

MKV is already widely supported now, smart phones/smart TV/game consoles all can play MKV files.
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Mar 11, 2004
I've used a program called ShanaEncoder to convert from MKV to MP4 without encoding. Its worked with everything I've thrown at it so far, and its pretty quick. I think I might have had some issue related to some FLVs not converting, but all the MKV to MP4 have worked.

I think VLC is available on the Xbox One. And it'd be available on I believe most other major platforms (iOS, Android) too.