socket 7 compatibility..... k6-2 + 430vx chipset?


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Mar 22, 2000
i have a couple old amd k6-2 chips laying around and i want to put them to use. i have the option of buying a couple asus 430vx motherboards, while they support the amd k6, they dont officially supports the k6-2 chip. the cpus have a default voltage of 2.4v and the motherboard goes down to 2.5v so that wouldnt really be a problem, ill just have to wipe a little thermal grease on them. the k6-2s remap the multiplier 2x to 6x so i will be able to run them at 6 x 66mhz or 6 x 75mhz and still maintain a decent speed. but would i encounter any other problems? socket 7 is socket 7 right? could it be that the only reason they lack support is due to the voltage issue or is there more?



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Oct 15, 1999
Chipset isn't the problem - on Intel VX, you're limited to 66 MHz, so a K6-2 family chip will take you up to 400 MHz.

However, the CPU voltage regulators ARE a problem. With those K6-2 you have ripping 13 to 14 Ampères at 2.4V (even more at 2.5V), those old mainboards designed for 8 Ampères (10 if you're lucky) will be overstrained. And besides, the "2.4V +- .1V" specification of the K6-2 means that the board must keep the voltage within the 2.3V-2.5V bracket at all times - and with the regulation center point at the edge already, this is not going to happen, even less so with a 30 to 50 percent overstrained regulator.

It'll be unstable at best, or go boom and take the CPU with it at worst.

Finally, BIOS has to recognize and support the CPU type. With a processor that won't work on the board anyway, this is highly unlikely.

regards, Peter