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So...who here is open-minded enough to try new music?(the best, most revolutionary music of the future imo)


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Nov 4, 1999
whos never heard of this type of music...take a look and see...i want to see how many people will like it and hate it, whichever way its all good...

New Music #1

its pretty bad quality..but check out )EIB( & Fierce - unknown8 , )EIB( - Warehouse Lick , Ray Keith - Jungle techno, digital - deadline (optical remix)

New Music #2

check out )EIB( - speedball , digital - gateman , dillinja - playtime, cybertron, cant let you go , edrush + optical - bleep!bleep! , marcus intalex + ST. files - love and happiness.

lastly for a good hour in a half continuous listen, with very good tracks..

New Music - Continuous scroll down a bit too Jumping Jack Frost and push play. You can check out the other sets if you want.

tell me what you think about this music.