So what can I do with a Pocket PC?


Dec 19, 2002
I was thinking about purchasing the Dell AXIM X5. Please excuse my ignorance, but can I...

1) Use this device like a laptop? Does the Pocket PC have most of the functions that a laptop has?
2) Im a PC gamer. Can I play my PC games on the Pocket PC?
3) Can I hook up external devices to my Pocket PC? Such as dvd drives, cd burners, etc..
4) Can I watch DVD's on the Pocket PC?
5) One has the 400 mhz chip and the other one is at 300 mhz. Would I be a fool to go with the 300 mhz? Is there a big difference between 300 and 400 mhz?

Basically I would like to purchase a Pocket PC as an alternative to purchasing an expensive Laptop.

Any help would be appreciated...

thxs. :beer:


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Jan 20, 2002
Before the flamers get there first....

1. No, a PocketPC is not a laptop replacement. It does not have direct printer ports, it does not have the same screen resolution yadda yadda yadda... Personally, i find it difficult to surf the internet as well... unless you like to scroll side-to-side

2. I assume by PC gamer, you are referring to games more complex than solitaire, etc. There are some games available, but a pocketPC is not designed to play games, and i would not use it for that.

3. There may be a way to hook up drives, but if so, i am unaware of it. and so

4. you can not watch DVDs directly off the disk.

5. i dunno. i've only used the 400mHz one. Maybe somebody else could help you out.

For what you want, you can probably purchase a used laptop for $500 that might be better suited.