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So, Skyforge... As an official thread as it gets.


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Sep 7, 2002
Open beta starts 7/16/15. It's by the Allods online guys, so I expect a visually satisfying grinder p2w experience.

But in spite of my decision to swear off of F2P titles (because of whale up or GTFO business plans) I'm planning giving it a shot because it has some interesting features. No dedicated healer, just potions. Instant re-spec into unlockable classes. No a gear grind.

Have any of you more MMO veteran persuasion tried this? Planning to try this?


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Feb 7, 2010
Never heard of this game, but here are the questions I'd ask to determine my interest level:

1. Are there levels, if not, what is the progression mechanic?
2. What's the combat style?
3. What's size of groups?
4. Is there raiding/endgame? How many players does it take to kill an endgame mob?
5. Are the classes interdependent or can every class do everything or several things with little penalty relative to a class that specializes in an ability?
6. Is content instanced? If not, is boxing likely to force players to box because others will do it in order to compete?

Given it's new/under development I realize much of this won't be known.


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Sep 7, 2002
1. Yes, there appears to be a stair-step progression which gates how many points you put into each node in a tree.
2. Action RPG. Cooldowns and rotations.
3. Unknown. Videos show group of 1, discussions seem to be about smaller groups.
4. Of course. Depends on dungeon instance.
5. Classes are independent, and build determines tank or spank, different classes have different levels of support to add.
6. Semi-instanced.

This is an interesting video.


Obsidian Entertainment involved, hmm.
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