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So is there anyone else that still thinks crude prices reflected supply and demand?

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Oct 24, 2005
Originally posted by: CycloWizard
Originally posted by: JS80
lol "sturm-liouville".... it's amazing how smart yet fucking stupid engineers are.
Yes, the universal theory that describes everything about conserved quantities has nothing to do with the discussion at hand. Unless you believe LK's previous statements that this is a zero-sum market, in which case it applies directly. Only in America is ignorance a virtue and someone is mocked for knowing what he is talking about simply because it is beyond the scope of knowledge of his critic. :cookie:
The futures market IS zero sum.


Oct 10, 2000
Originally posted by: LegendKiller
Originally posted by: CycloWizard
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Is that the ox pulling the cart, or the cart pulling the ox?
Burden of proof.
The price didn't drop because demand moved, the demand dropped when the price kept going up.

There has been 3 companies destroyed by the market falling, eliminating a huge portion of the trading activity. another hedge fund exited the commodities market yesterday after getting murdered.

TB Picken's own hedge fund was sustained huge losses because of falling commodities.

Everybody knows what happened, nobody wants to admit it.
One day last week we had a $4 drop in crude; same day Gustav was upgraded to cat4 when over the gulf. That day I opened a short on DJUSEN... made 8.5% by the end of the week :)