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So I just had octopus in oil...

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Feb 13, 2001
Originally posted by: screw3d
Originally posted by: toolgirl
Originally posted by: screw3d
I remember now.. calamari is squid. I only hear the term "calamari" here in the US :confused:

Octopus is a lot more chewy than calamari. Calamari is tasty :) Calamari > Octopus as far as I'm concerned, even though I think that calamari is chock full of cholesterol

I think it was octopus that I had as sushi. It is really chewy, but didn't have a lot of taste to it as I remember. Almost like stale chewing gum.
I think it's definitely octopus in sushi. Calamari goes stale very quickly :)
Both tako and ika are used in sushi (octopus and squid respectively)....