So I have been using the 2016 Macbook Pro the past few days

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    and while it is nice, I dont like the keyboard as much as previous models and the trackpad seems excessively large. I just dont think this laptop or any laptop is worth what this costs or anywhere near it. This is for my uses anyway, my Chromebook has really opened my eyes to what I need out of a computer. I bought this off craigslist for much less than what it would have cost, I knew I could buy it to play with it awhile and get my money back and then some so I am not taking loss on it. I think the 13" model would be better for me as well but even then it is still way too expensive(for my uses).

    Any questions or things you want me to check?
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    I couldn't live with that keyboard. It's fine for tapping out a tweet, but how anyone can endure writing on that thing for hours during the day is beyond my comprehension.