So a diesel VW Touareg was making the rounds at a local offroad park...

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Jan 10, 2001
Originally posted by: Eli
Originally posted by: sygyzy
My friend bought a brand new Touareg and had it shipped to CA. The car has been in for repairs since she got it. A/C compressor was broken, now there is some loud noise under the engine. This is a brand new car from the factory. What is up with VW? You would think for such an expensive car, they'd get it right.

If that's really the case, then that is sad..... :(

I, for one, was hoping VW would get their act together...

Originally posted by: Shockwave
I doubt its hydrolocked. I dont see nough water in that pic anywhere to hydrolock a lawn mower. But I also dont think it would have made it far regardless. Thats ALOT of mud, look at the Tourag versus everything else out there.

I agree. I don't see enough water. My guess is something else happened. Maybe water shorted something out. The air box has to be basically submerged to actually suck water into the engine.

If you look in this pic you can see the depth of the ruts at the beginning of hole are quite deep. Now, you will notice that they "disappear." That is water/mud that is covering up those ruts. I would assume the air intake is a "ram air" type for the Touareg. Even low water gets shot through either the grille or near the headlight. The headlights are cleaned automatically by a washer system. That is why they are not dirty.


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Sep 13, 2000
lol,.. look at that K10 over to the side.. screaming for more and more of that mud too :D