Question SMS/MMS Compression Issues Samsung Galaxy S10e - Factory Reset and Sim Switching Hasn't worked


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Jan 11, 2011
This is a weird one, maybe somebody here can help me out. I have a Samsung S10e on Visible (Verizon MVNO) with a really strange and persistent issue. Basically, every MMS received is heavily compressed (<100kb) and only the first frame of any GIF is displayed. I have another phone, a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, also on Visible, that works without issue.

Here's what I've tried:

1) Factory resetting the S10e and NOT RESTORING DATA
-- No effect
2) Swapping the two sim cards
-- No effect. The S20 FE still gets MMS normally, the S10e does not (RCS disabled in both cases for debug purposes)
3) Swapped an active freedompop (AT&T) sim and factory reset, then swapped in the Visible SIM (there was a similar persistent network issue that was fixed this way on an S9+)
-- No effect.

Now, another wrinkle:: If RCS is used on the S10e, and the other person ALSO has RCS, pictures come through fine (in the same messaging app, Google's official Android SMS app).

Normally at this point I'd request another SIM from Visible, but I don't understand why the sim card would work fine in another phone, and a known working sim card doesn't work in the s10e. It seems like more of a phone problem than a SIM card issue, or some combination thereof. Any suggestions? Many, many thanks in advance.