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Small Business Job Creation

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Feb 13, 2010
those who need structure will work for big businesses or the State, while those who are smarter will work for small businesses.

anyway, there really isnt any guaranteed way to increase number private sector jobs, but IP (which causes waste and less convenience for most) is really not good for liberty and neither is the current tax code. perhaps the current code should be gotten rid of and only businesses making like a few billion in revenue in the past year while having a large number of employees during that time would have to pay 1/8 of their profits in taxes.

that way, all but the largest corporations wouldnt even have to file. repealing the UCA, getting rid of all federal health care regs, phasing out medicare, reducing all spending (including military), reducing marginal rates, getting rid of the payroll tax, and counting nothing more than salaries and wages as income would make things better than they are now.

last, but not least, production of goods people actually want would skyrocket while debt would plummet if there was no legal tender.
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Sep 30, 2003
Interesting figures here, seems like we need big businesses to pick up the slack. Thoughts?

I don't see much chance for big businesses to drive employment/new jobs.

The article says it's historical been new and smaller business. But I noted the problem the article points out is that we still have new business opening, but they are hiring fewer people. The downward trend started in the late '90's. What's changed? PC's and good apps, we can do much more with fewer people now.

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