Slow Hardrive afer fresh install!!


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Nov 18, 2004
Ugh I am totally lost. I recently bought a set of new parts for my dad's computer. I got him a really nice small Antec Aria case and a micro ATX board from Asus with sound, video and LAN on board. Also got him a AMD Sampron 3000 and 1 GIG of PC3200 (generic) RAM. I pulled out my original 30 GIG Maxtor IDE hard drive (7200 RPM 2 MEG cache). I have been using this drive for a few months now on my system and it was running beautifully... quiet.. fast... and reliable. Anyhow it was originally formatted using FAT32, but when I pulled it out and installed it on my dad's system I just let the WindowsXP disc wipe it.. repartition it and format it using the NTFS5 mode and installed Windows.

All went sweet but MY GOD it is SOOOO slow on his system and it's WAY LOUD. It takes like 12 seconds to open up Word or Excel or even anything. It was blazing fast on my system which is actually slower than my dad?s new Sampron... what gives? I know it?s the HD as I was able to rule out everything else. I even confirmed by replacing that drive with a new 200 GB SATA drive (and installing WinXp all over again!!) and it just SMOKES.

The board uses the Sis 741GX chipset and I downloaded the crap IDE drivers they provide, the GART drivers... the VGA and sound drivers... but that did not help. The controller in windows shows it running UDMA-5. The bios has no real options but it recognized it correctly.

I have always formatted and F-disked my drives using a win98 disk.. and so far all has been great. This was the first time I re-partitioned and formatted using the WindowsXP CD. Did I mess up? I even did the fixmbr and fixboot option just in case but not sure if that just messed it up further. I am using the blue UDMA cable that came with the board so I know it?s not a 40 wire cable but a good one. This drive cannot be that slow! Could it be the SiS IDE driver? But it?s slow even from boot up..? so is there something I need to do with the SiS IDE controller of should I reformat and Fdisk it properly?



Oct 18, 1999
Just a quick question: Is there anything else connected to the IDE chain that the drive is on? If so, disconnect it and just leave the HD and see if its faster.


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Oct 12, 1999
Check in the BIOS and make sure UDMA is enable + see if there are new drivers