Slow Adobe Acrobat graphics --- do I need Matrox?


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May 4, 2002
I read Adobe Acrobat documents quite often. And what makes me mad it's how really slow the graphics draws! I got a Celeron 1.3GHz CPU, 256MB of RAM and GF256 DDR. I know it's time to upgrade, I'm just waiting for the fall price cuts on Intel CPUs. I'm thinking about getting either an ATI or nVidia modern video card.

One thing makes me puzzled --- if even my 1.3Ghz CPU + 32MB DDR AGP video card were unable to process Adobe PDF at acceptable speed, will my next setup? The more I think about it, the more I doubt. I also seen a thread in GH not long ago stating that Parhelia is the Adobe Gaussian blur champion in speed. I don't know what 'Gaussian blur' means, maybe it's right the images Acrobat can't draw fast enough? Maybe nVidia cards aren't optimized enough for Adobe?

If you have any input, please, it would be appreciated. I don't plan to get a card as expensive as Parhelia, but if it can do the job -- well, I can break down and get a lower end model. Or maybe older Matrox cards, like the G550, can do it better than the Geforce? It could also be an alternative.

Hopefully waiting for answers.


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Feb 7, 2001
You DO NOT need to upgrade, it's nowhere NEAR time to upgrade for you. And no, no matter what graphics card you get, you won't notice a speed improvement. And a processor probably won't help anyway. PDFs are natuarly slow if you have lots of graphics in them.

You probably need for format you computer cause you probably have tons of useless junk on it you don't need, or maybe upgrade to the latest versino of Adobe acrobat, or maybe its just a crappy computer... You really shouldn't be having problems like this, unless they are very demanding PDF files.