slight subtle glitches in HDMI audio from FM1 rig

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    Does anyone else have this problem? Listening to a streaming radio station in IE8, using Flash Player, output is HDMI to my 32" LCD TV.

    Previously, I was using a 780G mobo with HDMI out, with an AM2 X2 CPU, and didn't have any issues.

    Now I've upgraded to a Biostar TA75M mobo, and an A6-3670K.

    There are subtle glitches in the audio.

    I suppose it could be a flashplayer thing, but I suspect AMD's video/HDMI drivers more.

    Edit: Hmm, IE8 just crashed.

    Edit: It should be noted that I am running DDR3-1600, I think Geil. I put the RAM settings all back to "AUTO", which means DDR3-1333, and DRAM voltage of 1.58v. I also de-overclocked the CPU, it's 2.7, I had clocked it up to 3.0 on default voltage. I also disabled Spread Spectrum.

    I'm monitoring it now, and it seems that the subtle glitches may be gone.
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    I am also having glitches with an AMD f1 system but mine are video related. I have noticed glitches in movies that I knew weren't there on another computer. The other computer is running an fm2 processor and as clear as a bell. I have not had time to dig in to the settings yet so at this point I am clueless. If any one else is running into this, we await your response. Thanks.