Sli 4gb 680, 5760x1080, issue


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Jun 17, 2006
So i have three 27 inch monitors and a pair for the 4gb 680 gtxs.
i7 950 at 4ghz, 12gb 1333 ram, 850w psu.

Now overall these cards perform great but while playing battlefield sometimes i get great gpu usage and other times it feels like v sync is on.

For instance

for the past couple nights i have been playing smoothly, avg 75fps and gpu usage always above 70%
Tonight i got home from work and hopped on the same 24/7 capsian server that i regular on.
But, i was getting 60% gpu usage at the highest, with fps at 40.
A couple hours later i try again and im getting 75 fps and great usage.

It seems like these cards are performing great sometimes and other times not so much.

prefer maximum performance and high performance power plan are both selected.
v sync is off in 3d manager and in game.

any ideas?