Ski/Snowboard free on Patriots Day (April 15) at Sunday River, ME


Oct 25, 2001
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SundayRiver - ski/snowboard free on Patriot's Day

In celebration of the New England Patriots' Super Bowl victory, Sunday River is giving away free skiing on April 15, 2002 (This is a monday). One free ski ticket for each person who signs up, so if you plan on bringing more than just yourself, make sure everyone fills out this form.

Lift tickets are normally $49 midweek. They are slightly cheaper this late in the season. You have to give them your email and addy to sign up. If you're in the New England area and ride a lot this is a great deal. If you end up no going, you lose nothing.

The also have a superpipe so you can practice for the 2006 olympics and help the US sweep the medals again.

Vermont kicking some butt, Gold in Women's superpipe, Gold in Men's superpipe.