Question Silent Fanless Mini build idea


Jul 27, 2016
case: ASRock DeskMini H470 case (can take CPUs up to 65 W TDP)

cooler: ARCTIC Alpine 12 Passive - Silent Intel CPU Cooler for Intel Sockets 115x and 1200, up to 47 W

CPU: Core i5-11600T CPU, 35 W TDP

Would this case and board, which are marketed to take up to 65 W TDP CPUs, be able to take one rated as 35 W?

Will the system know how to throttle the CPU when a fan isn't present?

I see the 35 W CPU listed on Intel's web site and on a Wikipedia page but I can't find it for sale anywhere. If it isn't available, the 65 W version of this chip is easy to find, but is it possible to tell the OS to throttle a 65 W CPU as if it had a 35 W or 40 W TDP?


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Sep 28, 2005
Will the system know how to throttle the CPU when a fan isn't present?

throttling works on TDP temp of the cpu.
So if it hits somewhere between 99 and 100C, the cpu throttles.

And yes you will throttle in that case as the largest sink you can possibly fit is probably a noctua L or a low profile phanteck / thermalright.
And those sinks were definitely not intended to be ran passively.

IF you need quiet, i would toss in a noctua heat sink as you probably wont hear it with the fan on low.

This would be an excellent recommendation in my book for a ultra quiet setup.


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Aug 17, 2006
I agree with aigomora above. Using NO fan cooling definitely risks overheating - chosing the right totally passive cooling system is tough! But you CAN achieve the aim of REALLY quiet cooler operation with well-designed systems that use a fan, and Noctua fans and cooler systems are quieter than most.