Side mounted fan question


Oct 21, 2000
Quick question for you guys. When you add fans to the sides of your case (the side panels, doesn't that make it a pain in the ass to remove? I was just about to start cutting my case when I realized that each time I removed my side panel, I would have to carefully open it slightly, then jam my arm in the small gap and unplug the molex (??? the HD power connector thingy). Then each time I put it back on, I would have to do the same thing (plugging it back in). To complicate matters, what if I had a bay/fanbus!? Then I would have wire running from my side panel fans to the front of my case which is not removable since some bay/fanbus's are screwed in! How do you guys do it?


Senior member
Mar 28, 2000
I would suggest jsut using a longer wire... seems logical to me. Then you can take your side panel off with ease. Then to make it even easier put a switch on in the line, then you can cut power, then unplug the fan, in case you wanna put the side panel on the other side of the room and outta the way. Fan-------->Plug--------->Switch