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Should Assault Rifles used by Armies/ Terrorists be restricted in the USA?

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Should Assault Rifles used by armies and terrorists be restricted?

  • Yes

  • No

  • Restricted to young people under a certain age

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Jan 22, 2009
That doesn't stop Trump from ignoring them to do as he likes.
You're beloved Obama was no prize in this regard, sparky. As I stated in another post in this thread, do a google search on 'Obama's views on the Constitution'. You'll find some liberal approved sources that agree that he did things that weakened the constitution. But that's ok in your book.
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Apr 8, 2002
We did have one amendment that took away rights. It was repealed after the horrible results. Organized crime loved it however. They got rich off it while getting thousands killed over turf wars. The prison system loved it because more people were turned into criminals. Oh and the goal of the amendment was never realized. Drinking didnt see any meaningful reductions in consumption. By the end of it drinking had nearly returned to pre-prohibition levels.