Shipping USPS/UPS/FEDEX.....


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Mar 1, 2000
Hello everybody! Just telling my experiences with these.... To start it off, to ship things that I sell on anandtech, I use USPS priority w/DC. Well this month i ran into one problem, well actually last month, I sent a MO in a Priority envelope and it still didn't get there since Feb.21st. Cool huh. I have to see what i have to do to get this solved.. After 2 years this is my first lost mail, not too bad...... Anyway, I work for the USPS in keying mail, which basically is when the computer can't read the address people write, it comes up on the computer and I type it up. So the deal with this is, I can't believe how many letters i go through that people don't know how to write a simple letter! A typical one goes like this lol, i'm serious!

EX. City, State
Street Address

Come on now! LOL

With UPS, it's fast yes, but everytime they deliver something, they never get it signed and just drop it off on my door step. Thanks UPS
BTW..I just got a package that's really for 2 houses down, thanks again UPS.

Fedex, great service, their tracking number is almost real time. Not like the DC with USPS. Fast shipment and signatures are always involved, at least with me.

Any of you had any weird experiences with these?


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Jul 30, 2000
I don't go with ups at all anymore, I use usps for light stuff and fedex for the rest.

Fedex seems a lot more reliable then ups. I have been in two different ups loading and unloading buildings and have seen how they unload. And It seems alot of the stuff I see shipped ups isn't int he best condition(probably from the unloading). Never seen fedexs "throwers" before, but I am sure they can't be as bad as ups.