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Shadows Die Twice, help.


Mar 17, 2008
Thought I'd give it a go, being on sale and all.

Must say its already annoying me immensely though. No surprise there though, most AAA games does.
The game wanna take control of the camera all the time, thats effen annoying, that is until you are in combat, then taking a step back from your locked opponent means turning your back on him and getting stabbed in the back. - Those sort of "mechanics" just get to me instantly. Strike one.

Anyway, on to the question-ish.
So at the temple, got the new arm blabla. Training with the undying, trying to lock this sidestep evading crap down.
Press shift : doge.
press attack : counterattack.
Pressing shift just rams the idiot forward into a sword. So shift + a/d sort of works ... sort of, because of how the camera works what is supposed to be a sidestep super fast becomes a forward step.... into a sword.
I think maybe the story has potential, I dont know, so dont wanna toss it just yet.

Anyone have pointers? What am I doing wrong?


Diamond Member
Sep 1, 2010
There's a training area?

I haven't tried the game with a kb/mouse (I suck enough with the gamepad) but I think there are certain indicators that clue you in to when you can launch a counter-attack
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