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Question several beginner questions on RGB lighting


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Mar 13, 2017
so I bought a Thermaltake Level 20 GT case over the weekend and I've been bitten by the RGB bug. I'm a long time home PC builder (around 25 years) and I have always been intrigued (and wanted to try) with PC lighting.
The case comes with:
  • 2x Thermaltake Riing+ 20cm fans which uses connector uses Thermaltake's proprietary 9pin connector
  • 2x Thermaltake Pure 20 ARGB which uses normal fan header connector and ARGB/DRGB LED connectors
  • 1x Thermaltake Riing+ 14cm which uses connector uses Thermaltake's proprietary 9pin connector
  • I also just bought a 5pack Thermaltake Riing+14cm from an online retailer. This also uses the 9pin connector.
Some questions
  1. What's the advantages of ARGB/DRGB vs Thermaltakes proprietary solution? I believe Thermaltake and other makers produces their own proprietary solutions which are imcompatible to each other. I don't really care app mobile apps or Alexa/Google solutions.
  2. With ARGB/DRGB, is it possible to change colors via the reset button?
  3. Looking at various discussions and Youtube videos, it seems to me that the 9pin Thermaltake connector can be modded (or rehoused) to use the normal 4pin fan and ARGB/DRGB connectors. correct?
  4. Any other info/recommendations you would like to share?


Jun 26, 2010
With RGB / ARGB, you can connect them on your motherboard and use software to control them. On mine I have them linked to the CPU temperature so I have an idea on how hard my CPU is working at a glance (and if something unusual is happening).

As for modding, does the case come with the TT Riing controller? It can be connected to the motherboard ARGB connector to allow you to control the fans via software.