Seven devastating economic facts affecting Black Americans

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Feb 6, 2007
I read through a third of this thread and was struck by so much over-the-top stupidity that I vomited out my soul.


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Nov 24, 1999
PJABBER: I think you will only find that kind of negative descriptive language and opinion coming from the New Black Panther Party, but if you believe this is mainstream American thought then the Democrat Party has brainwashed you sufficiently.

M: No, I believe it is very obvious to all blacks generally just as I believe that I am not able to be brainwashed, having spent a lifetime destroying everything I was taught. But I do believe the science that says conservatives are the folk who inhabit an altered reality and I am not conservative but I think you are. So I hope you will accept the fact that I value my opinion as inherently superior to my own, even though I naturally question anything I start to think might hold some meaning.

P: I had a thread going a while back asking if Paul Ryan was racist and the regular contingent of Dems and radical lefties here could not find the Dem talking points at Puff and Huff Post and the Daily Dross to respond at the time.

M: I never look there or at other political sites. All my opinions are my own. I tend to view questions like that as beneath my dignity.

P: Now that the Dem Party and the Journolists are getting their spurious attacks together, they are probably discovering all kinds of code words to show that Ryan's Black American sweetie in college was not really all that.

M: I have been aware of Republican code for years and years and years. It's as obvious as the nose on ones face, but it is impossible to show to folk who live in an altered reality so I rarely bother to try.

P: The thread can be found here - Is Paul Ryan A Racist?

That was then and now is now. I am sure newly discovered racism is right around the corner. :D

M: Most of the racism and the target of the code, is older bigots who vote conservative.

As to the content of this thread, it shows us why we need affirmative actions.

Depressions always destroy the less well off more than any other group. And the Republicans caused the depression. While the haves got richer the poorer got even more fucked.