SETI: Welcome our newest members (December 7th) - ItchyBeans, QBix and Fermium


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Nov 20, 2001
Welcome to Team AnandTech SETI! :D

We are now 2,875 members strong. :)

I would like to introduce our newest members:

Itchybeans ---- Rank 2875 New ---- 0 Wus :sun: ---- Mentor: Smoke
Here is your Personal Stats Machine

QBix ---- Rank 2412 New ---- 12 Wus :sun: ---- Mentor: Swanny
Here is your Personal Stats Machine

Fermium ---- Rank 2687 New ---- 3 Wus :sun: ---- Mentor: LastKnight
Here is your Personal Stats Machine

Your personal mentor will be contacting you shortly.

He may not be able to contact you if you don?t have PMs enabled (Allow Private Messages) ? you can do that in your profile. :)

We hope you drop by often and say hello. ;)

We like to recommend that all of our new members go to the following link:

How to run SETI and Join TeAm AnandTech

Once you have your SetiDriver setup and working properly it is recommended that you use one of the TeAm's SetiQueues.
This will insure you have WUs to crunch when the Seti Server is down.
How To configure your SetiDriver to use a TeAm SetiQueue. :)

Our Mentor TeAm <----- :wine:<clink>:wine: Kudos to our "Big Brothers" :)


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Jan 3, 2001
Hello and welcome to our SETI TeAm! :D

Smoke waves at Itchybeans ... check your Seti Email for a message. :)


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Apr 26, 2000
Welcome to the team, ItchyBeans, QBix and Fermium. :beer::D:beer:

Thanks Crazee. :)