Set up RAID before or after WinXP install?


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Jun 3, 2004
I am new to SATA drives and RAID setups. I have just purchased a Asus A7N8X-E MB and bought two WD 74 Raptors for it. I do not have a IDE harddrive for this system at this time. I noticed that during the bootup process the BIOS shows the two drives visable and apparently I have the option of hitting F4 or CTRL + S to enter the RAID setup. I have tried to hit either one of those, and got no response. The BIOS bootup process continues on and goes to my first bootup device to look for my OS, which I have not installed yet. I have not done so as of yet because I assumed I would need to have the RAID 0 set up first, so that during the install, WinXP would be installed across the 2 drives. As you can see I have little knowledge of the process and would like any assistance that someone is willing to provide. Thanks in advance.


Feb 18, 2004
before, naturally.

creating a RAID will erase everything on the disk (unless it's a RAID1, and even there sometimes, depending on the controller).

just my obligatory warning... stay away from RAID0. it's the devil ;) just suck it up and use the two drives separately :p