ServeTheHome:AMD EPYC Rome Details Trickle Out 64 Cores 128 Threads Per Socket

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Jul 16, 2016
Zen 3 as a platform will be expensive, as I guess it would support DDR5, which means a new Socket and New Memory Controller, may be PCI-E 5.0 as well. So the 64 Core per socket makes it a little more attractive to upgrade. But I think Zen 3 we are looking at mid to late 2020.
You can have a controller be backwards compatible between DDR5/4 (Just like Skylake's supported 4 and 3), and the same is true for PCI-E, so most likely you will be able to run Zen 3 on existing AM4.
Perhaps new AM5 released in parallel while still supporting AM4, or the DDR5 will remain exclusive to servers until later in 2020/2021.