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Serious Thread: We need a website devoted specifically to jobs available because of stupid conservative propaganda.

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Dec 7, 2004
thats fine but has nothing to do with my thread, which is about the tons of jobs being abandoned due to conservative propaganda.
I wonder how the conversation with spouses goes when these buffoons get home after being canned for the dumbest of reasons? "Hey I know we won't be able to pay the mortgage and will have to go to a food bank, but on the plus side we'll have crippling medical debt when I'm hospitalized with rona."



Feb 24, 2009
Poor wages, shitty working conditions, no benefits, jack-ass bosses, and did I mention shitty wages???

An McDonalds near me had a help wanted sign listing $15 an hour AFTER 9 PM. "After 9 pm", and they close at 11 pm.

Or, take my sister who took a desk job at the local airport checking in USPS, UPS and FEDEX shipments. One night the boss was short of fork-lift drivers and actually insisted my sister drive a fork-lift to load a coffin (casket) containing a dead body onto a pallet.
Never driven a fork-lift in her life....
She refused, the boss insisted, she quit on the spot.
Now THAT is one reason we have a labor shortage. Shitty bosses.

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If it's a real business that follows OSHA standards, she'd have to have a cert for driving a forklift.