Question SEIKOSHA Seiko SP-1000AS Dot Matrix Printer....Logitech Fotoman + (black RARE)....NEW....$?

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Nov 13, 2001
It was made for the Amega waaaaaaaay back in the day, but I have a new' though tape gave out, all in it still in new packaging SEIKOSHA Seiko SP-1000AS Dot Matrix Printer. Wouldnt just the tape reel be worth a bit on its own being new, let alone the entire unit?

I am having a hell of a time pricing it not just as old, but old stock with never feeling air on it or yellow :O

Anyone care to try box is mint, like it was just pulled off the back room shelf, aside of the tape popping open when it was picked up you would swear you was back in time holding it.

i ALSO HAVE A BRAND NEW 1ST DIGHITAL CAMERAL BACK IN 92 STILL SHRINK WRAPPED NEW, as well, opps, in the rare, more memory + (black not white) edition, and I know when they come up even used its crazy money depending on condition, but mine u cannot find it as better of condition.

So whatcha all think $ wise?

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